I’m grateful that I live in a country where kids and adults can protest and have their voices heard.  The kids and adults  who are against the second amendment as it presently stands and the kids and adults  who are for the second amendment as it recognized today.

I’m grateful because it means that the first amendment is continuing the function..  It means that we as a nation, albeit one in a chaotic and tit for tat binary state, still think that freedom is important.

The smug “know it all” has just as much right to express her or his opinion as the self-described student.  I love it.  I love that everyone can express themselves without the fear of getting their head chopped off or their home burnt down.

Regardless of your view on any particular issue, you can go to sleep knowing that you have the right to disagree and express that disagreement, just like those that disagree with you.

I’d call that fortunate.

In some places, there is none of that.  There is only one way. And if that way is not your way, well…..fuck you.



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    Jimmy I’m grateful for you and all the Special Forces and other service members who sacrifice so much so that we may have free speech and not worry about getting our heads chopped off by a dictator or some other person who doesn’t want people to express their worries concerns or thoughts. When I was in school we worried about the cold war and the USSR dropping a nuclear bomb on our country. Today the kids have so many more worries and it doesn’t seem to stop. Praying that we can give them back some of what they are losing during their formative years.


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