I have been going through a brain treatment plan and it has awakened some of my inkling for writing.  I have a book coming out in May. My friend Christian D’Andrea worked very hard to make it what I’m told is a very good read.

I’d like to write about a problem that I feel is getting out of hand.

Good people are buying Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd puppies and then finding out that they don’t really want them.  This leaves the puppies in a bad way.

Several movies and tv series have recently exposed the American public to the amazing capabilities of these types of Dogs.  The problem lies in what isn’t shown in those features. The work and commitment it takes to have a dog like that in your family is very significant.

The reason Malinois and Dutch Shepherds are so valuable to police and military units is that they are exceptionally “high-drive” Dogs.  This means that they have more energy than most Dogs and that they are more difficult to deter once they are on a mission.  That may sound cool to you, but in reality, these Dogs are a serious pain in the ass to have as a pet.

I have a Dutch Shepherd named “Mina” shown here in the photo:

Mina is a service Dog and she does pretty well in most situations.  I spent every single day of her life from the time she was 11 weeks old until she was a year old, training and working with her.  She was my job. To this day I need to be very very careful with her.  She recently completely ruined the two back seats in my SUV because she was searching for a tennis ball.  THOUSANDS of dollars worth of damage.

My fault. Not hers.

If you are interested in getting a Malinois or Dutchie puppy, I suggest you think twice. If you still want to check it out, find someone you know who has one of those puppies and spend 24 hours with it.

These Dogs are seriously a handful.


Do yourself and the puppy you think you want, a favor and be realistic about your expectations.

The shelters are FULL of good dogs that want nothing more than to be with a family who loves them.  While malinois and duchies are “cool” right now, they are not bred for the standard domestic life.  They are bred for high energy situations where their athleticism and drive will create successful situations for law enforcement and military specialists.

Please think long and hard about getting one of these dogs.

In the short time that Spike’s K9 Fund has been together, I’ve received over 15 calls from people who have purchased a Malinois or Dutch Shepherd puppy and then realized that they were not a good fit for their situation.

These are good people who mean well.  They just didn’t know what they were getting into.

Please, if you think you want one of these maniacs in your family, make certain you are ready for the hard work that comes with that responsibility.

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